Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Venture or Vulture Capitalists?

Many of the many successful entrepreneurs the world over are slowly turning philanthropists and also venture capitalists with the declared objective of extending a helping hand to the next generation of entrepreneurs. But is it true and will anyone sensible enough believe in this lofty ideal of the successful entrepreneurs? Not if one knows how entrepreneurs succeed in a capitalist environment.

Successful entrepreneurs are not only knowledgeable, daring and lucky but also possess an insatiable appetite for wealth. While the philanthropic aspect of their personality is an off-shoot of the basic humanism and empathy, resident in all humans, their never ending appetite for more and more money draw them towards potentially successful ventures which are looking for investment. In fact it is a mutually beneficial arrangement but more in favour of the apparently benevolent capitalist.

What the erstwhile successful entrepreneur is looking for is easy money at the cost of somebody’s ideas and efforts. Each successful entrepreneur knows that he has been lucky to have got the idea first and luckier to have ventured into it. They know the time and effort it takes to succeed in another venture again. So the best way to make more money is to lay their eggs in someone else’s nest. Or to feed on someone’s catch like Vultures. Isn’t it better called as Vulture Capitalism?

Friday, December 09, 2016

Semitic Missionaries and Mosquitoes

The more we think about it, the more we notice the similarities between Missionaries and Mosquitoes. Missionary might have been a noble word and tribe in the West, but now in India, it is almost one of those four lettered ones. There is no doubt they had a space in the bygone era in spreading their new found ideology in distant lands. But now they have far outlived their utility value and have become pests in the midst of development of progressive societies. In this twenty-first century, they are nothing but Ideological Mosquitoes spreading the venom of religious hatred by cheating and luring poor people into their outdated and idiotic ideologies.

The style of operation of Mosquitoes and Missionaries is almost identical. Mosquitoes fly about their victims and settle at some convenient points. Many of their victims are aware of their presence but ignore them in good faith. And once they are settled in some vantage points, with the co-operation of their victims, they slowly and surreptitiously indulge in the most heinous of crimes against humanity – sucking out the blood and spreading the fatal viruses. Missionaries also do exactly the same. Our erstwhile Kings and present day rulers provided them all facilities and in return they spread the venom of communalism by religious conversion of the most vulnerable. Missionary work in Indian sub-continent is destroying this great nation from within and it is becoming a big business for the two Semitic religious invaders.

What should we do with these Mosquitoes? Should we allow their lethal work to continue unabated? Isn’t it time that we started dealing with these Missionaries in the same way as with the Mosquitoes? When the Mosquito population become intolerable, we usually destroy their ecosystem first. If that doesn’t work we use the Mosquito repellents or the nets for protection. If none of these methods work, we take the electric bat or our own hands to smash them on the wall splashing the blood they have sucked out of our body while spreading their deadly viruses. If their dangerous work continues without any remorse, retaliation is the only way to protect our body nation from these Missionary Mosquitoes. 

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Democracy and Demography

In a functioning democracy the majority will have to establish their decision by exercising their franchise and select those who will represent their interests. The catch comes here – who is the one who will genuinely represent our interests? Though it may not always be necessarily so, we always make the mistake that it has to be one among us. Many democracies got hijacked in the past because of this belief. And now it is clearly established in all democratic set ups throughout the world. The Whites will vote only for a White, Blacks for Blacks, Muslims for Muslims and Christians for Christians. The only exception in a pluralistic society are the so-called Hindus in India.

The recent election of a Muslim immigrant as London Mayor proves the point beyond any doubt. It mainly proves only one point, that London is a Muslim majority city. In a way, the year 2016 will go down in history as the year in which Western Colonialism reached its peak and turned its tide. It is going to be days of reverse colonialism since the days of the Industrial Revolution. Much beyond that, it even signifies the end of stability brought about by Crusades and the return of Islamic imperialism spreading its wings in Europe once again. By the end of 21st century, Christianity will become a minority religion in Europe and Arabian imperialism would have come of age.

The only places in the world, where others will be able to hold on may be Americas and Indian subcontinent. However, the fate of Indian subcontinent will always be on a suspense. Islam has already established its strong presence in pockets throughout India and by their organised reproduction will continue to capture power democratically in all these pockets very soon. Kashmir has already been lost. Kerala and West Bengal will follow suit within next five or six decades. Muslims have already tested their demographic technique successfully in their own Malappuram district in Kerala. The total number remaining capped, Muslim League has increased their MLA constituencies systematically be demographic means. Their ascent to democratic power is inevitable.

What will happen to the world then will be anybody’s guess? For the time being it is time for Rest in Peace.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

African Misery - by Missionaries and Mullahs

If our universe burst into being 13.8 billion years ago, our own earth came into being some 4.5 billion years ago and life started ticking about 4 billion years ago, mankind started off from the African continent only about a few lakh years ago. That’s why we always refer to the Dark continent as the Cradle of Humanity with reverence. We owe a lot to our great ancestors in the African jungles and even more to our own current cousins still resident there. But what have we done to the continent in return?

African continent is home to about 15% of the world’s population and it is more than a billion. It has more than 50 separate nations in its fold. All put together, barely 20% of the human beings in the entire Mother continent enjoy a decent living. The rest are submersed in poverty and utter misery. It is always true that movement is directly related to development and prosperity. Those people who have emigrated from the African continent in the past have developed into more prosperous nations and people. Asians have developed much more and Europeans & Americans have progressed much. Is lack of movement the single reason for African misery? No.

Africa’s curse can be easily attributed to the outright rivalry between two of the Semitic religions that have brought only negativity in the entire world. In their eagerness to increase their numbers, perhaps to impress their own respective Gods, the European Missionaries and Arabian Mullahs have indulged in rampant religious conversion by their tools of imperialism, coercion, violence and false promises of salvation. Their objectives lies only in religious conversion and not in sharing their wealth and affection with the newly converted. The net result has been utter poverty and misery for the entire continent.

There are lessons for Asian continent from this. During the turn of the twenty first century, the Christian Pope had declared that their next target is Asia. The sudden emergence of Petro-rich nations have also energised the Mullahs for capturing Asia. The entire Indian sub-continent is currently the focus of organised religious conversion by the Missionaries and Mullahs. If Asians do not learn from the African catastrophe, the same fate awaits Asia.  

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Relevant Mohan and Irrelevant Jawahar

Indians in twenty first century India are realising the irrelevance of Nehru and the increasing relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in their everyday lives. Despite the best efforts of Nehru dynasty to highlight and keep alive the allegations about the remote association of Godse with the rightist forces that have come to power with an overwhelming majority, every sensible Indian have come to recognise the importance of having a Right government to lead the nation with the Gandhian vision of Ramarajya. The complete neglect of rural India by the Nehruvian craze for pseudo-secularism is the single element that has kept India down so far.

Mahatma Gandhi realised early in his political career that the only way to get the Indian nation back into its glory is through transforming its rural people and agrarian economy in a righteous path. Throughout his career he kept on highlighting his real feel for the poor farmers and the downtrodden much more than the importance for power and parliament. It was the tussle between the power mongers like Jinnah and Nehru that resulted in partition and the subsequent efforts of Nehru to establish his own dynasty overlooking the real needs and aspirations of a great nation eager to regain its lost glory once again. Power hungry Nehru and his progeny was interested only in their ‘secular’ image by creating vote banks in line with their colonial masters.

It took almost half a century for the right mix of people, ideology and attitude to come to power in India. It is a strange coincidence that the real successor to Gandhian ideology in the form of an ordinary tea vendor who rose to become the undisputed leader in world’s largest democracy has come from the same background as Mahatma Gandhi. While the well-wishers of this great nation are eagerly waiting for the great turn-around, the selfish supporters of the dynasty and the entire spectrum of anti-national forces are working overtime to derail Modi’s strategies, programmes and efforts to leap ahead. Mahatma’s wishes will blossom through Modi’s efforts only if he can effectively neutralise the machinations of an irrelevant Nehruvian opposition. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

India’s Digital Character

No other nation in the world has the full spectrum, between the binary extremes, evident in all shades of life than our own India. We have sufficient number of Haves, disproportionately large number of Have-nots and the full spectrum of lower middle class, middle class and upper middle class in between. We have our own patented Caste System in terms of upper castes, middle and lower castes pushing the nation forward at all times. We have our own versions of blacks, greys and whites as far the skin colour goes. And we have unnourished, under-nourished and over-nourished who literally burst at the seams.

But nothing signifies the digital character of India more than its educated class which consists of the uneducated, undereducated, educated and overeducated, each making their own contributions to the society. In the modern era of humanity, Indian mindset found its real place when the computers and software industry started blooming about 25 years ago. Shruti system of maintaining continuity had always been a unique feature of Indian civilisation since time immemorial. The basis of Shruti lies in tremendous memory power and memory is nothing but the very foundations of digitalisation. India’s revered Rishis of yesteryears could not have remembered all the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, Ithihasas etc., without the help of some of some digitised forms of memory.

Digital India has found a new promoter in the newly elected and vastly popular government in India. Modi’s firm belief that a more digitalised India will provide a more just and progressive system for its teeming millions is definitely not a misplaced one. Irrespective of their background and education, the youthful generations of India are highly talented and they have innovation in their DNA. All that Modi has to do is to provide them the infrastructure and encouragement. The rest will be history. India will come out all the most digitised society in a short span of time and the signs are already in the horizon.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Who is afraid of Narendras?

India has seen two outstanding Narendras in contemporary times – Swami Vivekananda (1863 – 1902 CE) and now Narendra Modi (b 1950 CE). During the Swami times, India was under colonial rule and Christian missionaries were having a free run in terms of harvesting souls in an innocent civilisation already weakened by waves of subjugation under sword wielding Islamic forces. One of the oldest and the one (and only one) continuing civilisation in the entire universe provided enough human souls to satisfy the never ending thirst of both the religious predators. The locally developed paths for self-realisation viz. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism etc. (jointly called Sanatana Dharma), never believed in religious conversion and never thought it is possible until their Semitic counterparts came around to show its disastrous consequences.

Swami Vivekananda had to travel all the way upto the Parliament of World Religions at Chicago in September 1893 to alert the world’s genuine intellectuals to the dangers of religious conversion (https://youtu.be/ZQekcwOZ8FU). It opened the eyes of some of the world’s impartial brilliant minds to the wonderful religious ideologies from India that are built on rationality and provided so much freedom for its followers. The words of some such noble souls like Thoreau, Huxley, Rolland, Schrodinger, Sagan, Oppenheimer, Einstein, Bohr etc., are too well known. The backlash for the soul harvesters was too much. The Western forces saw an opportunity again when a ‘Westerner’ like Nehru came to power after India’s liberation from a thousand years of ideological and colonial rule. Opus Dei must have pumped in billions of dollars to maintain the continuity of Nehru family rule for almost sixty years. Their latest stint from 2004 to 2014 under the complete supervision of one of their own provided the maximum yield.

Narendra Modi’s sweeping victory in 2014 is the biggest challenge to these faceless sinister forces now. Each and every one of his days in power is decreasing their chances of a comeback. Modi’s growing popularity among world leaders is another cause of worry for them. If Modi continues like this for decade, he will not only modify India but the world is going to witness a resurgence of Bharath the world over. A great tsunami of Hindutva is going to sweep over the world in all the fields of human endeavour. It is becoming increasingly clear about the real faces behind the current campaign about a non-existent intolerant India. Those who fear Narendras are the very same who are afraid of the truth about Bose and Shastri. The simple fact that both of them died abroad speaks volumes about those who are afraid of the Narendras.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Levant and Indian Christianity

There is no field in which the Sanskrit slogan “Satyameva Jayathe” is more appropriate than in History. Sometimes the most unlikely of events in remote parts of the world reveal the truth about our own nation which has been manipulated and distorted by organised machinery for generations. The recent crisis and the resultant exodus of Syrian refugees is one such that should open the eyes of impartial Indian historians. India’s history has been completed distorted first by the European historians, then by the Mughal historians and lately by the Leftist ones. It is time to get it right.

For generations the various Indian Christian groups have been trying their best to establish the impossible task of St. Thomas visiting India in 52 AD, despite its complete let down by the official Vatican machinery. In this they have been ably supported by the Leftist historians because the one and only objective of the JNU brand of historians is to debunk anything that is related to Hindu and Hinduism. Along with the other organised religion from the same source, the combined manipulation have found another interest in unearthing the remnants of a mythical city of Muzris, in and around Cochin, only to establish the age old historicity of the two Semitic religions in Indian soil.

But the current Syrian crisis is truly a spoiler for all these dubious efforts. The Levant (Iraq, Syria, Turkey etc) has definitely been a historical region of religions, culture and civilisation. But ever since the rivalry began between the two leading religions sometime in the 7th century and Crusades in the 10th century, there has been frequent efflux of vanquished set of people out of Syria. In 21st century we are witnessing the same to Europe due to the atrocities by ISIS. The same phenomenon happened in the 8th century when a group of refugees (about 70 families led by one Thomas) from a place called Cana in Syria escaped to the Malabar coast in India. Bharat was the most prosperous area then and their attempt is quite understandable. Thus began the organised Christianity in India and all the machinations, manipulations and harvest in India. In short, Indian Christianity began in 8th century and peaked in 15th century when the Europeans started colonising. St.Thomas and Muzris are all mere myths being perpetuated by interested parties.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Shruti and Smriti

The entire scriptures and religious texts in all religions in the world can be traced as a mixture or amalgamation of ideas coming from two sources viz. Shruti and Smriti. The former refers to what is termed as eternal truth and the latter refers to their application or adaptation in a contemporary context. In fact all the conflicts between the various religious ideologies will go away if their respective scholars realise this simple truth and not waste theirs’ and others’ time by harping on Only My God (OMG) and Only My Scripture (OMS) theories. Many of the so-called experts in comparative religious studies are highly skewed towards their own religion and display complete ignorance when it comes to the fundamentals of other religions. They lack the basic understanding of Shruti and Smriti, and display absolute hatred towards other faiths.

As the word Shruti itself means, it is what has come to us by word of mouth and is seen spread all over the religious texts. The Shruti elements are easily identifiable to the impartial seekers. Shruti always refers to the eternally sustainable aspects of existence. It will have no connection whatsoever to the contemporary and will have no reference to contemporary characters or incidents in history. In stark contrast, Smriti elements will always be contextual and will have to be understood in the context. If taken out of context and applied as such, Smriti will spell disaster for mankind. I am afraid this is happening very much in our present day world. The root causes of many of our current conflicts is due to this wrong interpretation of Smriti elements from the sacred texts. What was perfectly logical in a tribal society centuries back (Smriti) is definitely illogical and out of place at present.

The best way to understand Shruti is by putting it to a simple test. All Shruti elements must necessarily relate to sustainability of mankind. For example, if some God had said Satyameva Jayathe (Truth alone triumphs), it is quite possible that we take it as Shruti. But that is the mistake we make. The Shruti element must be something like “Dharma shall always triumph” because we know very well that Truth is not always the one that will sustain us. The best example of Smriti is nothing but Manusmriti. The text also contains Shruti elements, but most of it is acknowledged to be Smriti. And we all know the debate and confusion it creates when some of the fanatics interpret it as Shruti. The same problem persists for many of the texts in the Semitic religions and the world is paying a heavy price for the human fallacy. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ishwar and God

It is hard to imagine a world without Gods but very much possible without an Ishwar. This is because of the essential difference between the believers of the two concepts. For its believers, God is someone who exists outside of us, whereas Ishwar is an integral part of its believers’ being. There is a big difference between the two. For the God believers, each of them have been created for a purpose and the Creator (God) is constantly watching them from outside. Each one of them are answerable for their deeds on the Judgement Day and will go to Heaven or Hell depending on the results of God’s judgement. Thus for the believers of God, everything they do in their lives is for a good judgement after their death and a world without God is simply unimaginable. This is entirely different from the Ishwar believers who spent their life after life trying to realise the spirit within them and finally to be one with it.

One of the main faith problems of India is to do with this extremely different concepts of Ishwar and God. Hindu Sanatana Dharma (HSD) that propagates the concept of Ishwar had gone through its God phase ages back. But being the one and only religious faith that was freely allowed to evolve and develop, the faith itself has realised Ishwar at least a few thousand years ago. There are still strains of God worshippers within HSD, but they do not represent the vast majority. As of now, due to this conceptual difference about the Almighty, HSD is in strong conflict with the Semitic religions coming from the Only My God (OMG) nations. Ever since the advent and development of Science as a widely accepted and convincing tool for objective assessment for mankind, the future and glory of HSD has started looking up once again after centuries of subjugation. If Science and Religion shall eventually meet at one point, it will only be in Hindu Sanatana Dharma.

It is then obvious that the truth about Ishwar is much more strong and powerful than the one of God. Nothing illustrates this point than a funny story about a cross-connection that happened to a simpleton living in one of the OMG nations. The accidental remote connection on his phone got him Heaven’s lady secretary on the other end. Quite naturally the simpleton was flabbergasted and wanted to speak with his one and only God. But promptly came the question from the secretary “Which one of the Gods do you want?”  He was shocked because he was always taught that there is only one. So he told her that there must be only one and asked rather angrily whether she is joking. But the last laugh was hers when she said that during all the weekly meeting of Gods, they always laugh about the foolishness of their believers in Earth and how they are effectively deceiving them, before they offer their prayers to the one and only Ishwar.